We set out to create a neighborhood cafe for EVERYONE that offers a variety of delicious, hand-crafted products.

We proudly serve our award-winning farm fresh dairy and vegan ice cream, signature bubble teas, and freshly ground coffee - all made FROM SCRATCH with the best ingredients that we can find.


We make products that we like and know you’ll love!


Our ice cream menu has endless combinations to create the ultimate small-batch, custom experience including seasonal ingredients and fresh fruit.

A customer once calculated that we have over 37 million flavor combinations possible on daily basis... that's a few more than 31 flavors! We are constantly expanding our menu by creating new recipes and products based on seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. 

Watch as we freeze the ice cream in front of you for a fun and immersive experience!   

Dozens of Flavors!

Our bubbles teas are made with the same love, attention, and detail using freshly ground spices and brewed teas. From classic flavors such as Taro or Thai Tea, to unique flavors like Rose or vegan Horchata - we have it all!

Top off your drink with boba, popping pearls or even Oreo crumbles! Just like our ice cream, the flavor combinations are endless! And you can bet that our boba is made fresh throughout the day is the perfect chewy constistency!





9925 Haynes Bridge Road

Suite 510

Johns Creek, GA 30022